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I, Pencil, By Leonard E Read

I, Pencil, is a famous essay, published in 1958, by Leonard E. Read, who founded the Foundation for Economic Education, in 1946. This beautifully, simplistic, essay, clearly demonstrates, through the eyes of a pencil, how a free-market, free from Government-intervention, or coercion, allows millions of people from all ends of the world, through hard work, and individual initiative, to provide for the needs and desires of a free people. Enjoy!

The above pdf of “I, Pencil,” can be dowloaded here, from the Foundation for Economic Education.

Further Resources:
I, Pencil (Audio, and HTML)

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  1. Below, is Larry Reed (no relationship to Leonard E. Read), head of The Foundation for Economic Education, on The John Stossle show, discussing “Spontaneous Order,” and how it relates to Free-Market principles. They also discuss the above essay, “I, Pencil.”:

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